Friday, 19 December 2008

Petal Dishcloth

I love this petal dishcloth made by Linh at A Girl in Georgia.

Sandra at Diary of a Stay at Home Mom is making one and has posted the pattern (which I couldn't find through the original links). I'm planning to knit a couple once I find some reasonably priced coloured cotton. Dishcloth cotton in the UK only seems to be available in white or natural.

Matching Pairs

I finished the pair of socks for myself. They are very plain - stocking stitch, using a free Regia pattern available with the yarn. I'm pleased with them and they are very cosy. The only slight downside is that I cast on a bit too tightly on the first sock, making it a little hard to pull on. Must remember to make a point of casting on more loosely next time.

I had some left over yarn, and just managed to squeeze a matching pair of socks for Little Cherub out of it. I had to scale the pattern down as the smallest size was still considerably larger than her little feet, but it came out well. I had all of about 18 inches of spare yarn when I finished!

Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Toddler Socks

I have discovered I am the opposite of a fair-weather knitter - I stop knitting in the summer and start again when it turns cold and wintry. I picked up my abandoned sweater and worked a few rows, and then had an urge to knit socks. I started with these mini basketweave toddler socks for Little Cherub:

Blue was her choice of colour. They are knitted in DK (worsted) yarn - I used some cheap acrylic yarn I had lying around, which will bobble a bit but is still nice and warm for her little toes. Here is a close up of the foot, though whether the photo is good enough to show the basketweave pattern I'm not sure. They were not difficult to knit, though the dp needles I used were really too long for such tiny socks which made them more fiddly than they needed to be.

They fit her little UK size 5 (US size 6?) feet perfectly. They would be fine for a slightly smaller foot, but a larger size would need a bit of extra length in the foot. A chubbier leg would need a looser cast on than I used. She is very pleased with them and says she wants a pink pair next.

I am now working on a pair for myself, using this self-patterning 75% wool Regia sock yarn.