Thursday, 7 February 2008

Endless Possibilities

Since my new year's resolution to take up knitting again sparked my interest I have started noticing some of the more bizarre knitting and crochet possibilities out there. Here are two:

(1) The recycled carrier bag bag. You can use all those eco-unfriendly carrier bags from the supermarket to crochet your own bag. I also saw a pattern for knitting one, but it looked harder and the end product less effective. A lady at my mother's church crochets these and sells them to raise money for charity. Mum bought one and if you look carefully you can just see that it is made from carrier bags - Waitrose, we think. I'm not going to try this one, though. Preparing all those bags into "yarn" looks too tedious.

(2) The crocheted Swiffer cover. I use a Swiffer to clean my bathroom and kitchen floors, and the cost of the floor wipes I use with it bugs me as an unnecessary expense. I decided to economise by buying an old fashioned floor mop, but it leaves the floor too wet. Then ... duh! Lightbulb moment! In a thread at the 4 Real Learning boards someone pointed out that you could use any cloths on a Swiffer. And someone else linked to this pattern for a crocheted Swiffer cover. Who knew? A couple of these and I'd never need to buy floor wipes again.

1 comment:

Jennifer said...

I love the Swiffer cover idea - the nubby feel of crochet would probably scrub the floor even better than a towel-type fabric.