Monday, 4 February 2008

Just Finished

This "little" cardigan for Little Cherub turned out to be not quite so little. The pattern makes it look shorter than it really is - I was thinking it was more bolero style - and Cherub's miniature build means the age 1-2 size is still a bit large. I draw the line at knitting the 6-12 month size for a 20 month old toddler! At least it will still fit easily next winter.

The Snowflake yarn is lovely and soft, and the cardigan warm and cuddly. The only downside to knitting is that the texture of the yarn makes it hard to count rows. The pattern uses Sirdar Snuggly yarn for the bobbly border, but I tested out both some spare Snuggly I had and the Snowflake on the sleeve and preferred the Snowflake. The effect was chunkier, but it felt softer (and saved me having to buy more Snuggly wool in the right colour!)

As modelled by Little Cherub, slightly dishevelled ...


C Kinslow said...

CUTE!!!!! Well done!!! And love your little model! :-)

Jennifer said...

Your daughter is adorable. The sweater looks precious too. I love the little edge.